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20 Reasons Why I Grow Pot—And 20 More Why You Should Too

Say what you want about the Mexican drug lords, but they do not fuck around.  If you happen to show up on their radar screen, you may discover that a Columbian necktie is not something you can purchase at Lisa … Continue reading

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Kassel Is Emasculated By An Empowerpuff Public Relations Morselette (And Brian Howlett)

Ever heard of a cocktail called a Mint Julep?  How about a Mai Tai? Yeah; me too, so why is the publicist from Empower Public Relations sending me emails listing them among ‘Five Cocktails You May Not Have Heard Of’? … Continue reading

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Alabammy Bound—And Gagged, When It Comes To Dirty Bastard Ale

Here are some things that used to be illegal for a black person to do in Alabama: Marry a honky Urinate in the same pissoir as a white person Be treated for an illness by a white doctor Be committed … Continue reading

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Let’s Slip Out Of These Dry Clothes And Into A Wet Martini

For those of you who think there is only one authentic martini—four parts gin, one part vermouth and an olive the size of Luca Brasi’s left coglione—Louie The Lush and me have an offer you can’t refuse. And speaking of … Continue reading

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Frei Vs. Fre: One Has An ‘I’; One Doesn’t. One Has A ‘High’; One Doesn’t.

Mad Magazine was the fundamental catalyst in my kidhood drive to write humor for a living.  Advancing alcoholism is why I made wine, beer and spirits my venue. Remember that old Spy vs. Spy panel cartoon?  Where the white ‘n’ … Continue reading

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Why We Should Love The Guy Who Kept His Murdered Girlfriend In The Closet For 18 Months

“Now, because the chick grows rotten, she is gone but not forgotten.” – Ira Einhorn I’ll digress before I begin: I recently read an Alice Feiring article in Newsweek called ‘Why We Should Love Natural Wines’, which I found interesting … Continue reading

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Las Rocas On A Garnacha Roll

If you’re trying to farm in Calatayud, you’re pretty much stuck between Las Rocas and a hard place.  Among the most inhospitable-looking places in the solar system, ranking between Halley’s Comet and the fifth moon of Neptune on the bucket … Continue reading

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