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Tone-Lōc Discovers A New Michigan Afro-Disiac

Alright, dig it: The girls all jockin’ at the other end of the bar, Havin’ drinks with some no-name gwar When they know that I’m the star. So, I got up to find out what made them bitches blotto, I … Continue reading

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Schloss Leader: A Business Strategy?

Having worked in Wolfsburg for a number of years, I can tell you that whereas I respect the technological traditions and cultural chutzpah of Germany—which, incidentally, was cool enough to name a major city after me—there is still a certain … Continue reading

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And What Is So Rare As A Red Alsace?

  ‘And what is so rare as a red Alsace? Then, if ever, come redolent ripe Pinot noir from clay and loess. Too little is made for media hype. Whether we slurp, or whether we guzzle, It’s Rouge d’Ottrott we … Continue reading

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TAZ Pizzazz and Associated Razzamatazz

Considering that their current vintage is 2010, I figure that TAZ had a brain spaz and sent me a review bottle of 2004 pinot gris by mistake.  If so, I’m glad they did: The Taz bin was anything but a … Continue reading

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Papa’s Pilar: Preach, Pater; Preach, Preach…

‘Yo ho ho and a solera of rum…’ said no pirate ever. Pirates have been given a historical pass in popular culture, at least the old school ones.  They appear as cartoon buffoons like Captain Hook, loveable matinee idols like … Continue reading

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San Diego And the B.A.T.F. Are Asleep At The Wheel—Just Like Vince Neil!

I cannot imagine what extraordinary shudder of revulsion must course through Nicholas Dingley’s family when they see a poster for San Diego’s upcoming Spirits Festival, to be held this weekend at the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier.  The poster features … Continue reading

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When It Comes To Michigan Wine Jobs, Outsourcing Is A Four-Letter-Word

Every year around this time, I rummage through the big ol’ steamer trunk in my spooky, spidery cellar.  Moving aside the mothballs, I dig beneath the silver-buckled, bright green St. Paddy’s Day top hats, the 4th of July Uncle Sam … Continue reading

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