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Whan That Aprille With His Photo Ops Sweet…

(Apologies, Chaucer). Newsflash, March 21, 2013: LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder has declared April as ‘Michigan Wine Month’ to honor Michigan’s wide selection of quality wines and the wine industry’s significant contribution to the economy… I was sent this press … Continue reading

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Le Beaujolais Oldveau Est Arrivé

I happen to like Beaujolais Nouveau. And I often get called a panty-waisted momma’s boy eunuch, without taste, testosterone or a grasp of life’s finer pleasures. Not because I like Beaujolais Nouveau, of course, but because I also like that … Continue reading

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Enough With The Shite Slinging—Let’s Dish Some Dirt Instead

‘Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach; those who can neither do nor teach become wine critics.’ I often send petitions of thanks to the Irish god Lugh that I did not pursue a career in winemaking, because sure … Continue reading

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Master-Level Wine Webinar? We’ll Burn That Bridge When We Come To It

I just received a ‘last call’ e-card from the French saying ‘Wish you were here! —and for what you will pay for the Sud de France Master-Level Webinar Program, you might as well be.’ The deal is this: For a … Continue reading

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Assorted Smart-Asseries From The Wonderful World Of Wine

As most of you know, in 2003 I was booted from the doctoral program at UC Davis for attempting to sell crack cocaine to all four members of the Supervisory Committee, for trying to finance my sixth semester with Monopoly … Continue reading

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‘Zin Zone’, Zabaco And Zsa Zsa Gabor

The letter ‘z’ is a bit off-kilter, wouldn’t you say?  It lurks in the rear of the classroom, rarely raising its crooked hand, and when called upon by the teacher to answer a question, ‘z’ frequently bullies ‘x’ into doing … Continue reading

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Eenie, Meenie, Santorini: Wines To Serve With Prawn Linguini

120 miles southwest of mainland Greece there is a wisp of an island upon which mighty things have happened, are happening, and—the Twelve Olympians willing—will continue to happen long after you and I are riding point during the zombie apocalypse. … Continue reading

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Darryl Is A Camel Jockey; Pass It On

If you’ve been in the wine business since the mid-nineteenth century like Darryl and me, your majestical roof—your brave overhanging firmament—probably resembles the sky above Selfridge Air Base during pilot training week.  Lots of criss-crossing contrails with comrades in arms, … Continue reading

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