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Lodi: I’m Tokay, You’re Tokay

Introductory chapter to ‘Starstruck In Lodi Again’, set for release August, 2016 Miami bears the burden of an unfortunate nickname: ‘God’s Waiting Room—Where Old Folks Go to Die’. If that’s the case, South School Street is where old folks go … Continue reading

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Primitivo: A Gentle Giant

Having lived through the zinfandel vetting process, I can say unequivocally that I like some of the a.k.a.’s better than others, and maybe primitivo best of all. Back in primitive times—that is to say, prior to the advent of genetic … Continue reading

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‘Zin Zone’, Zabaco And Zsa Zsa Gabor

The letter ‘z’ is a bit off-kilter, wouldn’t you say?  It lurks in the rear of the classroom, rarely raising its crooked hand, and when called upon by the teacher to answer a question, ‘z’ frequently bullies ‘x’ into doing … Continue reading

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Morning Wood vs. Evening Wood: Ravenswood For Halloween

In the past. I have joined the onslaught of wine writers who come up with something cutesy, silly and obvious to recommend for Halloween—something like Poizon (a wine to ‘die for’), EVIL (upside down label—either that or you’re supposed to … Continue reading

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Napa Cellars Wines: Generically Delicious!

I know, bubeleh; I know.  After earning your MBA from the Carnegie Mellon School of Business and your Ph.D from MIT, after a brief teaching stint at Stanford Graduate School (for which you wrote three textbooks on macroeconomics) and your subsequent … Continue reading

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Dry Creek Zinfandel: Make a Dashe for the valley

Dashe Cellars says that they knew in advance that their stellar, 2007 vintage, Dry Creek zinfandels would ‘make themselves’.  Good news for Dashe;  not so much for the migrants who will now have to be trucked into Oregon to find … Continue reading

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Robert Mondavi and 9/11: A Connection?

First, the good news: Egg white is a fining agent used in Burgundy to clarify wine.  Although other products work equally well, albumen is particularly prized because lots of Cordon Bleu recipes call for egg yolks, and that leaves the … Continue reading

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Forchini Vineyards: Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

  Fifty out of fifty States now produce wine, including Alaska, where moose blubber is used as a fining agent and the must is strainied through Sarah Palin’s brassiere. Today, every continent has a winemaking tradition except Antarctica, but the geophysicists … Continue reading

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Ravenswood: Better Living Through Joel Peterson’s Chemistry—Particularly C2H5OH

First off, I love how Ravenswood rolls off the tongue; it conjures up Gothic images—remote, crumbling castles on windswept moors filled with persecuted virgins and hereditary curses. The Ravenswood label, a cryptic crest displaying a trio of stylized ravens with … Continue reading

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I May Not Know My ABCs, But I Know My XYZins

The marketing department at XYZin leaves me a little confused, but that’s okay—so does elementary school math. (In fact, I remember getting the equation ‘2 + 2’ wrong, although Sister Beatrice, my First Grade teacher, was decent about it.  I … Continue reading

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