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Yes, Virginia; There Is A Wine Industry

I’m shocked at people who are shocked to learn that states beyond California, Washington and New York produce excellent wines, and I am shocked at myself for not knowing that Virginia was one of them. Because, in the aggregate, wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Obama/French Force One More Wine/Whine Pun

What’s wrong with the French anyway?  They cling to the word ‘Champagne’  like Jimmy Stewart clung to that red-tile rooftop in the beginning of Vertigo. Well, of course, that question is purely rhetorical.  I’ll tell you what’s wrong with the … Continue reading

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Marketing To Minors: P. Diddy’s Hand Cîrocs My Cradle

First—with the exception of a couple of my kids who may tune in to see if their names get mentioned—we’re all adults here, so let’s suffer no fools and yank no chains:  We all know how the merry mass-mockery of … Continue reading

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Veni, Midi, Vici: ‘I Came, I Drank Malbec, No Concord’

If you have to use ‘Wine X’ magazine as a reference for a column, chances are the inmates have taken over the asylum. Although I do get a kick out of the fact that said publication, once purporting to target … Continue reading

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‘Is The Wine Writing World Out Of Touch?’ Touch THIS, Tree Boy…

Whenever I am introduced to a black person, the first thing I say is, “What are you people calling yourselves these days?  Because I don’t want to say anything socially awkward.” But Seriously, Folks:  Like most semi-literate, semi-alert crackerhonkies, I … Continue reading

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Creature From The White Laguna

Creature From The Black Lagoon, Universal Studios, 1954 Plot Summary: A geology expedition in the Amazon uncovers a fossilized hand from the Devonian period; Dr. David Reed (Richard Carlson), an ichthyologist who works at a marine biology institute, returns to … Continue reading

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MacLean Gets MacDirtier—The Column I Swore I Wouldn’t Write

I’m the idea guy, dig?  You know my type—the egghead braniac that anal, sociopathic CEOs turn to in times of corporate crisis, trusting that I—and only I—will manage to find quick, creative, brilliant, (though generally expensive and impractical) solutions to … Continue reading

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A Thorny Rose By Any Other Name…

There are many reasons why we underrated, underpaid, under-appreciated and under-the-bus thrown wine writers choose a particular wine to cover. It may be unrequited lust for the winemaker, like mine for Ontario’s Sue-Ann Staff. It may be a passive-aggressive need … Continue reading

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