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Larzac: The New Kid on the ‘Doc

A few years ago, on my one-and-only trip  to Australia, I remember being blown away by an array of fruits I never before knew existed.  Custard apple, black sapote, jaboticaba, sapodilla—but a handful of an array of distinct, unique sensations, … Continue reading

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Woman-ness in Wine

Throughout my quarter century of writing about wine I’ve tried to avoid controversial topics, because frankly, who needs the grief? Well, I suppose that’s not strictly true.  In fact, it’s not even vaguely true.  In my twenty-five years of wine … Continue reading

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Introducing the Infinite Point Wine Scale

‘Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.’ No, not the Mafia, silly.  I tried to join that once and during the initiation ceremony they found out I was afraid to kill spiders, so that didn’t … Continue reading

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Markus Niggli: Nouveau Niche

Final online installment of sample chapters from ‘Starstruck in Lodi Again’.  Book’s pretty much in the can and will be released by June 1, 2016.   A tall, buff, Teutonic, well-spoken European wine pro in his early forties? Making unique … Continue reading

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