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Like We All Haven’t Done That, #682

An Open Letter to Josseleen Elida Lopez: Don’t let the bastards get you down, sugar-hips: We’ve all outlived these kinds of moral meltdowns. I’m referring to your recent 15 minutes of fame where your 15% blood alcohol level will likely … Continue reading

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Dreaming of a Black Plague Christmas? Here’s the Ticket…

As you can well imagine, Christmas traditions are very important at the Kassel homestead.  As such, all the bad little Kasselites found fossilized carbon in their stockings this year and the bad little wine patriarch—moi—ended up with vinegar. But not … Continue reading

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I’m The Bluto of SommDay School

Mea Maxima Culpa: On occasion, I pick on Master Sommeliers.  That happens to be cold-ass reality; I’m in the wine game for the lolz, not for the respect or the badges or the profits. And my issue—if you can legitimately … Continue reading

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Château de Maltroye and Why I Don’t Write Wine Books Like Hugh Johnson

Someone whose palate I respect poured a wine saying, “This is what California Chardonnay wants to be when it grows up.” Behind such a statement I can find many points with which to agree, but in general, although the idea … Continue reading

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8° Plato: What the Brewhaha is All About

I just love that new bar smell. Frankly, I don’t particularly object to that old bar smell either—the ones where the stale beer mingles with wet cardboard and overflowing toilets from a septic backup and  indelible redolence of generations of … Continue reading

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Norton: Walking Off to Look for America

Let’s lay our cards on the table from the start: I’m zowie about Zinfandel.  I dig the rich, meaty Ravenswood lineup whose bar Joel Peterson has raised so high that to leap over it, you’d have to be fitted with … Continue reading

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Why Some Wines Are Better Off Young and Some Men Better Off Old… ish

Simply saying that some wines are meant to be consumed young is just as easy as saying that some wines improve with a few years—or decades—of cellar aging. Words are easy; the depth of their meaning and the profundity of … Continue reading

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