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‘The Jinx Fragment’—Unnatural Detroit, Naturally

I’ve intentionally kept Intoxicology Report ad-free for five years because I don’t want my opinions or your support to be in any way beholden.  My books, however, I sorta do want to sell (!) In my halcyon days, when I … Continue reading

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Pas de Bor-deux: Dollar for Dollar

I’m not here to argue whether or not Picasso’s Nude, Green Leaves and Bust is worth a hundred million dollars, which is what it sold for at Christie’s a few years ago, because I grew up in household of people … Continue reading

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Screw Blue: Have a Rosé Christmas Without Me

Every year I swear I won’t write any Christmas wine stories, and every year I write a bunch of Christmas wine stories.  In the traditional view of things, lying makes me a bad little boy and takes me off Santa’s … Continue reading

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Ed Can Be the Bosse of Me

I’ve known Ed Bosse for so long I used to have a crush on his sister in high school. Seriously; I was at an all-boys Catholic school and I used to sit in the rear row of Brother Garcia’s Spanish … Continue reading

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