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Sorry, Boys: Brosé Sounds Totally Gé

I just read an article in The Telegraph that I mistook for an article in The Onion, because The Telegraph doesn’t go out of its way to be facetious and The Onion goes so far out of its way to … Continue reading

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Kickstarter: Fund MY Dreams, Not Yours

‘Doing obscure, cool shit costs money.  Why waste your own?’ If I ran a crowd funding platform—the post-modern answer to standing on a freeway on-ramp holding a misspelled sign—that’s the slogan I’d use.  And if I was marketing to donators … Continue reading

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Charlotte’s Telaraña

Any British woman who sends a townful of Spaniards an invitation to a Battle of Trafalgar Anniversary Party is my kinda broad. The fact that October 21 (the date Lord Nelson defeated the Spanish Navy during the Napoleonic Wars) also … Continue reading

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Spanish Nor’Wester: A Mighty Wine

Northwest Spain is a treasure trove of venerable varietals, most of which are completely unknown to American consumers and their strange fixation on the familiar. For example, Carrasquín.  One of four grapes native to Asturias, it produces a dark, muscular … Continue reading

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Antichrist Miracle? Wine Without Water

Water should not be a source of agita to me, but it is.  When I was a kid, getting a drink of water was a pain-free proposition: I got a glass out of the dish rack next to the sink, … Continue reading

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The Gindenburg: ‘Oh, The Ginanity’

It’s six in the morning and shortly, Hendrick’s Gin wants to get me up inside a giant flying pickle.  Technically, it’s a flying cucumber, but technically again,  a pickle is merely a cucumber that feels like I do at 6 … Continue reading

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Is ‘Omerta’ an Indian Word?

People are generally a bit surprised to find out that there is a Canadian Mafia, primarily because* the two concepts seem so incompatible. * (I was going to say ‘chiefly’ because, but in the wake of Washington Redskins Name-Scandalgate, I thought … Continue reading

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Date Cristal; Marry Cava

During our formative years—that callow and malleable era when we still thought Keith Richards was a good guitar player and PETA was a righteous organization and God was actually seated in His heaven—we came to the conclusion that there were … Continue reading

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Whip: It Good

Some of the world’s greatest wines are single varietal.  There are the towering Chardonnays of Montrachet, the suave and potent Pinot Noirs of Romanée-Conti, the hedonistic Rieslings of the Rheingau and the pure-Furmint Tokajis of Hungary. You’ll run into some impressive … Continue reading

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Robert Parker Wants Make-Up Sex, That’s All

It’s a mixed-up, jumbled-up, webbed-up world, kids, and what you just read is known as ‘clickbait’—a provocative headline designed to generate reader hits. And you bit, suckers. First, let me apologize for baiting your click then calling you suckers: “I … Continue reading

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