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Bubbles For New Year’s Eve—England ‘n’ France, Sparkles ‘n’ Spats

Little known Champagne fact:  Dom Perignon did not say, “I’m drinking stars,” he said, “I’m seeing stars” after being clubbed over the head by a British arquebus. Verily, there’s been little love lost between France and England over the centuries, … Continue reading

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Vintage 2008: Donati Delivers A Digest of Doozies

It has been said (by Italians mostly) that there are only two kinds of people in the world: Italians and people who wish they were Italian. Whether or not you accept this, the fact is, in terms of cool, Italians … Continue reading

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Chateau Chantal Releases Some Dandy Post-Prandy Brandy

Why the amazing Chateau Chantal always sort of hangs around the periphery of my Michigan wine conscience instead of barreling to the forefront is truly one of God’s mysteries.  I’ve met winemaker Brian Hosmer many times over the years—a bright, … Continue reading

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Wine Is For Rich People

Ever heard the old expression ‘Put your money where your mouth is’?  Apparently—according to Sotheby’s auction house—this does not refer to forty-ouncers of King Cobra. Wine writers tend to talk in some pretty tight aphorisms too: ‘Wine should be accessible … Continue reading

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Christmas Wines: Walking In A Vintner Wonderland

Every year for the last decade or so I’ve struggled to come up with a unique and innovative approach to Christmas wines.  I’ve perpended, puzzled and pondered. And after countless sleepless nights, endless brainstorming sessions with Jack (Daniels) and Jim … Continue reading

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