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Life’s A Bubble: Sparkling New Thoughts, Fizzy New Year

In the week before Christmas and New Year’s, it is customary to write a column about Champagne and related species.  And doing what is expected, occasionally a thorn in the paw of creativity, also keeps us focused in this time … Continue reading

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Louis Roederer Champagne: A Fifth For The Fourth

Every year, somebody asks me to recommend a few wines with which to celebrate Independence Day, and every year my response is the same: E Pluribus Unum Now, here’s a question for you, Johnny Seventh Grade American History Scholar: You’ve … Continue reading

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Man The Lifeboats: Women, Children And Premium Champagne First

Martin Mull, back me up on this one: For some reason, there are a lot of homoerotic terms associated with being a seaman.  Poop deck, sperm whale, cockswain, hanging around the buoys, ‘All hands on dick deck’. Going down on … Continue reading

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Champagne-Loving Brit Twit Charged With Felony Dipshittery

For the most part, I consider myself something of a literary whiz kid—far too quick-witted, imaginative, profound and enlightened to comment on silly, wine-related ‘news stories’ that have little to do with my mission of advancing  enological education among serious … Continue reading

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Tits For Taittinger: S.A.G, Not Saggy

As a connotation, as a concept and as a cliché, Champagne is a titillating tipple, entangled in seduction, raveled in sex and wrung out into seven-ounce flutes as a morning-after testimonial.  Therefore, when I developed an instantaneous crush on Champagne … Continue reading

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Bubbles For New Year’s Eve—England ‘n’ France, Sparkles ‘n’ Spats

Little known Champagne fact:  Dom Perignon did not say, “I’m drinking stars,” he said, “I’m seeing stars” after being clubbed over the head by a British arquebus. Verily, there’s been little love lost between France and England over the centuries, … Continue reading

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The House of Wine Awards, 2011: Amy

When your ten-year-old asks you what ‘irony’ means, here’s what you tell her: “Amy Winehouse will go down in history for giving detox a bad name…” The July death of the twenty-something drugstress—who may have been on the rock-ravaged road … Continue reading

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