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Michigan vs. Ohio: No Contest, Or ‘Michigan By A Nose’?

‘Thou shalt not cover thy neighbor’s wine’ is a Commandment that is often transcribed incorrectly using ‘covet’ and ‘wife’, but it doesn’t matter, because Commandment-breaking is the journalistic cornerstone upon which this column has established preeminence in the American Academia … Continue reading

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Planet Bordeaux: Bord In The U.S.A

Time was, the vignerons of Bordeaux thought that the wine world revolved around them.  Is this where Planet Bordeaux is coming from? Granted, they are in the market to push the Département Gironde, and their splashy and convivial website ( … Continue reading

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Wine, Women and Just Plain Wrong

I recently read a post by Huffington reporter Brooke Carey in which she got all full of herself because her boyfriend called her ‘more of a man than him’ when she ordered whiskey instead of what he’d asked for: Bud … Continue reading

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Warren Winiarski’s Stag’s Leap of Faith

Within vino’s voluminous vale, the story of Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars is the story of Napa.  At least, it’s a microcosm of Napa’s rise from a fiefdom of meh to a kingdom of quality—and that’s a crown that Warren Winiarski … Continue reading

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e-Cigs®: ‘E’ Is For ‘Eeeeeeew’

I have about as much business writing about electronic cigarettes as I do writing about inflatable sex dolls, but I can’t help noticing that they are being marketed in a manner that might be charitably referred to as ‘identical’. Here … Continue reading

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Beaujolais Nouveau Est Blasé! But Still Okay…

Forget that it’s essentially grape-flavored alcohol juice.  Ignore the ten crus in the appellation that are by far superior.  Disregard the fact that it occupies lowest rung on the Burgundy ladder.  It’s time to pull out the stops along with … Continue reading

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Petit Verdot Goes Gangbusters in Ripley, Ohio—Believe It Or Not

The jury is hereby ordered to disregard the headline and answer the following question: If you were going to purchase a ton of wine grapes from California, which varietal do you suppose would set you back the most?  Nope, not … Continue reading

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Twist Makes Me Shout

I normally don’t review water—for three good reasons.  First, I’ve never been poster child for ‘Find A Happy Medium’ campaigns, and considerable research has led me to believe that if you drink too little water, you die, and if you … Continue reading

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Quivira Mourvèdre: Waste Not, Want More

In these days of symbol scrimping, font frugality, typeface saving and character conserving, when we are all responsibly turning our keyboards down to 62° (I won’t waste an ‘F’ for ‘Fahrenheit’ since it should be obvious—what do I look, Canadian?), … Continue reading

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Michigan Viognier: Domaine Berrien Sounds The Clarion

If Paris In The Spring was a coin, the flip side would be Michigan in November.  Post-Halloween—in boondocky counties like Berrien especially—everything deteriorates into the sort of dreary dystopia imagined by Huxley and Wells.   Cornstalks turn colors not seen outside … Continue reading

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