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Beware That Bottle Of Romani-Contée: It May Be A Knock-Off

It’s a side of human nature which we may not be proud of, but which we all possess.  That side that causes us inexpressible delight when our wealthy brother-in-law shows off his brand new luxury watch and we inform him … Continue reading

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Chinese People Are Really, Really Tiny; Pass It On

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a smallish dude.  Not Chinese small, maybe—the average height of a Chinese person is 5’4”—but trust me, I was never the first kid with a finger pointed at him at the start of a pick-up … Continue reading

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Anatomy Of A Hangover And What To Do About It

In the previous century, when I was at university as a psych major, B.F. Skinner was all the rage, and my Operant Conditioning and Behavior Analysis class focused on the relative non-efficiency of negative reinforcement.  It stressed that ‘punishment’ changes … Continue reading

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A Boyd In The Hand Is Worth Two Anheuser-Busch

If I was a chef (which I’m not, but I bet this conjecture is close to the mark) and one week I over-ordered, say, lobster, prime rib and maybe Macedonian weasel cheese, here’s what I’d do:  I’d purée them all … Continue reading

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Sammy And Jack, Sammy and Jack; I’m Gonna Get Me Some Sammy And Jack

The  best part of covering celebrity wines is that you don’t actually have to taste them to finagle columns from them thousands of words long. And do you know why?  Because, my droogies, there’s no need to taste a celebrity … Continue reading

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Bœuf Bourguignon, Languedoc-Roussillon-Style—On The Hoof

Not saying that they are all simply crackers pastoral folk in Languedoc-Roussillon, that hillbilly heaven bucolic land in the south of France, but here is their recipe for Bœuf Bourguignon, one of the most beloved classical dishes of French culinary … Continue reading

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I Am Woman, Hear Me Pour: The International Women’s Wine Competition

People are always winging on and on and on about things they hate—Monday mornings,  the Westboro Baptist Church, Rush Limbaugh, root canals, giant spiders in the basement, the U.S. military massacring innocent Iraqi civilians… Yeah, granted, all that stuff blows … Continue reading

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Moscatos and Mosquitoes: Summer In The Motor City

Whenever I travel this wide and wonderful land, wherever I go—from purple mountain to fruited plains, beneath spacious skies and through amber grain waves, from sea to shining sea—I tell people I’m from Detroit and the response I get is … Continue reading

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Block No. 42: Penfolds’ Ostentatious Obscenity

As a winery, Australian producer Penfolds has always tried to be all things to all people. In 1844, the cause was noble enough: Emigrated English physician Christopher Rawson Penfold planted vines around his Adelaide cottage and set out to produce … Continue reading

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Are Traverse City Lambic Brewers Up Shit’s Kriek?

Excuse me; I know I’m a bad man who in the afterlife will never make it out of the flaming tombs of Dante’s Sixth Circle, where I will lament forever with such heretics as Epicurus and Cavalcante de’ Cavalcanti. But … Continue reading

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