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Thursdays With Maury

Many years ago I pledged a troth never to write a Thanksgiving wine column unless one of two things happened:  Either I thought of a really bad pun or I found a really good wine. Merveille des merveilles, this year … Continue reading

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Later today I’m going to participate in a hashtag wine tasting, which is a unique marketing gimmick that gets a whole lot of wine people on Twitter and Instagram talking about a given product at a given cyber-location on a … Continue reading

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A Nero Hero: Frecciarossa ‘Giorgio Odero’

Ever been suckered into one of those multi-paged, data-mining websites where you learn, for example, why ’10 Things You Learned in History Class Are Totally Wrong’? Of course you have.  And, like me, you probably got to about #4 before … Continue reading

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Fitou Be Tied: Domaine Les Mille Vignes

The thousand vines of Domaine Les Mille Vignes may be metaphorical, but the thousand points of light that light up my tongue when I drink the wine is very real indeed. First, Fitou is first: The first Languedoc red wine … Continue reading

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Inglorious Bâterd: Leave the Millennials Alone

“So many Millennials are interested more in the narrative of the wine rather than the wine,” said Jason Jacobeit, the 29-year-old head sommelier of Bâtard restaurant in New York. “A lot of mediocre wine is being sold on the basis … Continue reading

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Château Fueillet: Torrette Syndrome

I have spontaneous respect for wineries who export wines when they don’t have to; when they develop an international fan base when it makes no business because they simply produce too little wine for this to be a strategy with … Continue reading

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Domaine du Pegau: The World’s Best Jug Wine?

Pegaü  is an old French word meaning ‘jug’—specifically, a fourteenth century terracotta jug discovered in the Palais des Papes in Avignon. That, of course, makes Domaine du Pegau the most exclusive jug wine in the world. As for pronunciation, DdP … Continue reading

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