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Mr. Natural Wine Sez: ‘YOU’RE The Right Tool For The Job, You Tool’

Unlike most wine columnists, I never get ‘writer’s block’.  Au contraire, I deny that the phenomenon—whereby people who can’t think of anything to say go ahead and say it anyway—even exists. Oh, sure, sometimes our personal muses get all PMSsy, … Continue reading

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Certainly Maceration Is Normal For Boys, Ben. But…

…not during Algebra.  Now, wash your hands and finish your polynomials. Yesterday I had my wine tasting acumen publically mocked by Ben Fawcett because I dared to suggest that I am a fan of Beaujolais—or rather, because  I like the … Continue reading

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Tits For Taittinger: S.A.G, Not Saggy

As a connotation, as a concept and as a cliché, Champagne is a titillating tipple, entangled in seduction, raveled in sex and wrung out into seven-ounce flutes as a morning-after testimonial.  Therefore, when I developed an instantaneous crush on Champagne … Continue reading

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British Columbia: Gem of A Whole Different Ocean

I’ve been drinking, thinking and inking wine for about twenty years now, but every now and again, a growing region pops up that existed so far on the periphery of my mental wine map that I never gave it so … Continue reading

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Pairing Wine With Spices: The ‘It’ Flavors Of 2012

Once a year, the multibillion dollar spice spigot called McCormick & Co. releases a sprinkle of predictions about what flavors will be in vogue during upcoming months—a compilation collected by their posse of parlously picky palate probers including staff chefs, … Continue reading

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The Drupe Dupe: Extra Virgin Olive Oil. P.S.; Neither Was Your First Wife

This is a website about drinking, so whenever I wander off topic and enter the realm of cuisine—a subject about which I know even less than wine—I do so at the peril of my long-suffering readers. Technically however, I suppose … Continue reading

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Only 98 Photoshopping Days Left Until The Bordeaux en primeur

“I’m on a seafood diet.  I see food and I throw up.” – Runway model Filippa Hamilton-Palmstierna A pair of recent headlines—one excoriating Ralph Lauren for photoshopping cover-girl Filippa Hamilton-Palmstierna to resemble Bobby Sands during Extreme Unction and another excoriating … Continue reading

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Can’t Get Much Cooler Than This Fonz: Fonseca Bin No. 27

What do Arthur Fonzarelli and Bin No. 27 have in common? Both are feisty and irrationally cool, both dwarf their categorical co-stars in popularity, both have pinged in and out of cultural relevance—and prior to the early seventies, nobody had … Continue reading

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Drugs ‘N’ Stuff: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I used to make fun of songs like ‘We Are The World, We Are The Children’, but you know what?  Every once in a while, who among us hasn’t taken a moment from our hectic daily grind to glance wistfully … Continue reading

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How It’s Made®. This Episode: Babies, Buzzes and Hangovers

Maybe once in a lifetime—if you’re lucky—somebody invents something that truly rocks the planet, and it’s fair to suggest that Ron Popiel had nothing to do with any of them.  If you’d lived in the disease-ridden slop-pit destined to become … Continue reading

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