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Larry Mawby’s Sparkling ‘Detroit’: Feel Our Pagne

If you were born south of Eight Mile or spent your formative years in Motown, you’re pretty versed in Detroit history—and, with a high school drop-out rate cresting 70%, it’s probably not something you  learned during  Fourth Hour. You know … Continue reading

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Dry Creek Zinfandel: Make a Dashe for the valley

Dashe Cellars says that they knew in advance that their stellar, 2007 vintage, Dry Creek zinfandels would ‘make themselves’.  Good news for Dashe;  not so much for the migrants who will now have to be trucked into Oregon to find … Continue reading

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I’ve Done the Mead Deed. Yes, Indeed.

What do honey mead and Margaret Mead have in common? They’re both interesting, but nothing you’d let near your lips. Or so I thought until I honeyed up to a home-mead batch that I did after getting sick of passing … Continue reading

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Silverado Vineyards: A Gold Prize for the Mother Lode

Brownie points if you knew that silver mining once rivaled winemaking in Napa County, and that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a novel called The Silverado Squatters about the same trail that lent its name to Silverado Vineyards. Jackson Brownie points … Continue reading

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Rutherford Dust Never Sleeps

‘Dust you are, and to dust shall you return.’  – Genesis 3:19 Open letter to God:  In the meantime, can we borrow some to make Rutherford cabernet? And although Robert Mondavi and Louis Martini might disagree (in spirit, of course, since … Continue reading

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Whitehaven Winery: Kiwi Kwality Kontinues Unkompromised

Some facts you may not know about New Zealand: It was the last large land mass discovered on earth, making it, for all intents, our planet’s youngest country. New Zealand is the only nation on earth to have three official … Continue reading

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Michigan Wine: The Stats Are Stellar, Suckers

Controversy has surrounded wine competitions for years, and as the landscape changes, things aren’t getting any better. For example, in 2006, Wither Hills winemaker Brent Marris was accused of creating special blends for competitions while his lesser wine ended up … Continue reading

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Robert Mondavi and 9/11: A Connection?

First, the good news: Egg white is a fining agent used in Burgundy to clarify wine.  Although other products work equally well, albumen is particularly prized because lots of Cordon Bleu recipes call for egg yolks, and that leaves the … Continue reading

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Truly Irritating TV Ads: Like, ‘We Will Sell No Wine Before the Check Clears’

I spent two years in adverstising, and short of combat against concealed lunatics on Iwo Jima or being forced to watch another episode of Wizards of Waverly Place with my completely taste-free eleven year old, I can’t imagine a worse … Continue reading

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Biody-scam-ics? I’ll Drink; You Decide

As a disclaimer, yes I do have one of those blue eco-friendly Yuppie Guilt Boxes in my garage into which I dutifully deposit all my empty water bottles—most of which come from the island of Fiji aboard huge, oil-ravenous tankers—and … Continue reading

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