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Good Seed Makes Good Crop: The Franciscan Focus

Here’s a life lesson, Grasshopper—and especially if you are a grasshopper:  Never turn down an opportunity to interview a man named Turnipseed. If he happens to be socially engaging, well-versed in the art of enology and willing to pick up … Continue reading

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Repaying The Piper: Napa Vintage, 2011

Sean Piper has been remarkably supportive of my personal amble through the alleys of annoying wine disquisition, and today, it’s payback time. See, in the spirit of a genuine anti-journalist, I operate this column on a purist catechism of quid … Continue reading

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The Hoopes Scoop: Elegance In Oakville

I’ll spare you the ‘jumping through hoops’ groaner: No need.  The wine is above such puerile puns, the label notwithstanding. Hoopes Family Vineyard reminds me of one of those prodigy kids who realizes she was born with an extraordinary gift—athletics, … Continue reading

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Cure For The Summertime Blues? Whites!

I reserve a sort of parallel pity for people professing, ‘ I only drink red wine,’ as I do for those picky pisshaps who propound, ‘I only date Nordic meconologists with silicone hooters and poodles named ‘Pummy Paw-Paws.’ Yoda reminds … Continue reading

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When Is A Snow Cone A ‘No’ Cone? Ask Francis Ford Coppola

As a phenomenal film forger, a wicked wine whiz and a fellow Detroiter (by birth, anyway), it is hard for me not to harbor a soft spot for Francis Ford Coppola.  A forgiving and patient soft spot, too—one that is … Continue reading

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Grape Seeds: Oil Make Something Of Ya Yet!

Nearly everyone on earth knows that there is no such thing as a Leprechaun that isn’t actually that wee oaf Matt Roloff mugging about in a green top hat on St. Paddy’s Day; likewise, most folks understand that there is … Continue reading

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Just Say Yes To Hess

I came of age in an era that had Ronald Reagan scaring us with Cold War rhetoric while his wife was scaring us with Drug War rhetoric.  Her banshee yelp, ‘Just Say No’ saved many a naïve youth from that … Continue reading

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Signorello Trims The Edge Of The Fuse

When does ‘cutting edge’ become ‘trimming edge’?  When Ray Signorello, Jr. gets into the game. I’m not sure if there is a direct translation of ‘signorello’ from Italian into English, but the Latin etymology is all about refinement, gentlemanliness and … Continue reading

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Sammy And Jack, Sammy and Jack; I’m Gonna Get Me Some Sammy And Jack

The  best part of covering celebrity wines is that you don’t actually have to taste them to finagle columns from them thousands of words long. And do you know why?  Because, my droogies, there’s no need to taste a celebrity … Continue reading

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Let’s Slip Out Of These Dry Clothes And Into A Wet Martini

For those of you who think there is only one authentic martini—four parts gin, one part vermouth and an olive the size of Luca Brasi’s left coglione—Louie The Lush and me have an offer you can’t refuse. And speaking of … Continue reading

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