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Hestan Vineyards: Picture Perfect Picks From The Sultan of Saucepans

When a well-heeled businessman decides to open a winery—and plenty do—we can but hope that they possess at least one of the Big Three: A sense of taste, a love of the land or winemaking savvy. If somebody around the … Continue reading

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Warren Winiarski’s Stag’s Leap of Faith

Within vino’s voluminous vale, the story of Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars is the story of Napa.  At least, it’s a microcosm of Napa’s rise from a fiefdom of meh to a kingdom of quality—and that’s a crown that Warren Winiarski … Continue reading

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Napa Cellars Wines: Generically Delicious!

I know, bubeleh; I know.  After earning your MBA from the Carnegie Mellon School of Business and your Ph.D from MIT, after a brief teaching stint at Stanford Graduate School (for which you wrote three textbooks on macroeconomics) and your subsequent … Continue reading

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Silverado Vineyards: A Gold Prize for the Mother Lode

Brownie points if you knew that silver mining once rivaled winemaking in Napa County, and that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a novel called The Silverado Squatters about the same trail that lent its name to Silverado Vineyards. Jackson Brownie points … Continue reading

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Rutherford Dust Never Sleeps

‘Dust you are, and to dust shall you return.’  – Genesis 3:19 Open letter to God:  In the meantime, can we borrow some to make Rutherford cabernet? And although Robert Mondavi and Louis Martini might disagree (in spirit, of course, since … Continue reading

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Marilyn Merlot: Funny, Punny And Still Well Doney

Had she lived to see 2011, do you ever wonder what Marilyn Monroe would have looked like? Probably like how she does look. In any case, 49 years after her death, Marilyn Wines will release a wine to honor an … Continue reading

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