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Coppi From Colli: Footsteps of ‘The Champion of Champions’

To borrow a joke that can apply equally to quantum physics, Greek politics or the festering appeal of the Kardashians: ‘If you claim you understand the wines of the Piedmont, it’s because nobody ever explained them to you.’ Location-wise, Piedmont—Piemonte … Continue reading

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Wine and Chocolate: Life Imitates Really Shitty, Satirical Art

One of the first pieces I wrote for Intoxicology Report—and one which has, for the sheer idiocy of its premise, seen over 100,000 hits—was a piece on pairing wine with chili dogs. The idea was that writing about such edgy but … Continue reading

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This Is My 500th Column…

This is my five hundredth Intoxicology Report, representing nearly a million written words about wine, spirits, beer and people I don’t like. Yessiree bob, I’m so full of me today it’s seeping out around the gaskets. Are you as impressed … Continue reading

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Is Danny Meyer a Twat? …And Other Rhetorical Questions

Good news, Foodies—there’s a new buzz word you can latch on to! This one describes all fourteen of Danny Meyer’s New York-based restaurants, among them Gramercy Tavern, Blue Smoke, The Modern and Union Square Café. Henceforth, they are twattorias. This … Continue reading

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Beam Me Aboard, Scotto

If the most exciting thing that’s happened to you in a motel room this year has been tasting cider with Paul Scotto, welcome to my world. Nevertheless, I have raved about the family cidery— ‘Cider Brothers’, named for Paul and … Continue reading

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Stugots in Montalcino: Podere Le Ripi

Tuscans have testicles, no doubt about it. Think back on the early days of the so-called ‘Super Tuscans’ when a handful of vintners decided they could make better wines using grape varieties that the Denominazione di Origine Controllata did not … Continue reading

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Love Among the Rootstock: Castell d’Encus and the Art of the Backstory

I asked my buddy Elie for winemaker with a decent backstory, and he gave me Castell D’Encus and Mireia Taribó, who turns out to have a back-magnum opus, which is better than a backstory, better than a backrub, and lasts … Continue reading

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Swashbuckle Up: It’s Gonna Be a Bourdy Ride

Before you discuss Chardonnay with Jean-François Bourdy, take a moment to stand back, exhale, and simply admire the visage. He is an imposing and potent-looking gentleman whose shirt is open a button or two lower than necessary; his eyes are … Continue reading

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