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Yo Ho Ho, And A Bottle Of Mosel

Like the wine, the captain of the Vliegend Hert went down with the ship.  Unlike the wine, the captain never came up again. Background Check: In 1980, a shipwreck was discovered off the coast of Holland that contained thousands of … Continue reading

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Baffled By Big, Bad Buffs? Bite Me, Barclay Brothers

The Telegraph—a London-based  newspaper owned by David and Frederick Barclay—has published a sort of strange piece written by Jasper Copping suggesting that the average wine consumer is ‘baffled’ by the descriptors we stiff-necked, too-big-for-our-smarty-pants wine writers use to describe various … Continue reading

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Earth Day, 2013: Mirth First, Earth Second. Booyah!

Personally, I am a sucker for Earth Day.  Especially compared to other inane holidays such as Talk Like a Pirate Day, Christmas Day and whatever that one is where we celebrate veterans who had the good sense not to get … Continue reading

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Hempiatris: Wine, Wódka and Bong

As a fellow who (sans shame) looks stuff up on Wikipedia, then pretends he already knew it—or worse, made it up himself—I will hitherto explain the above, crackerjack scarehead: A ‘hendiatris’ (from the Greek: ἓν διὰ τριῶν, hèn dià triôn, … Continue reading

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Brown-Bagging With Petite Sirah

I’ve known Stillman Brown since he was knee high to an ass-hopper; by which I mean, before he decided he was straight. See, I can make stupid jokes like that about Stillman Brown (no relation to Encyclopedia, Ford  Madox or … Continue reading

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