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Baffled By Big, Bad Buffs? Bite Me, Barclay Brothers

The Telegraph—a London-based  newspaper owned by David and Frederick Barclay—has published a sort of strange piece written by Jasper Copping suggesting that the average wine consumer is ‘baffled’ by the descriptors we stiff-necked, too-big-for-our-smarty-pants wine writers use to describe various … Continue reading

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Wine Is For Rich People

Ever heard the old expression ‘Put your money where your mouth is’?  Apparently—according to Sotheby’s auction house—this does not refer to forty-ouncers of King Cobra. Wine writers tend to talk in some pretty tight aphorisms too: ‘Wine should be accessible … Continue reading

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Twisted Wines for Twisted Times

I know this guy named Delicato, and he’s every bit of that—a soft-spoken type of dude  who wouldn’t swat a fruit fly. The name ‘Indelicato’ strikes me as a bit more, well, twisted. Perhaps that’s the reason for the ‘Twisted’ … Continue reading

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