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A Quartet of Cool Cavas To Combat Climactic Calefaction

Finally!  A story involving Formosa that is totally unrelated to a bunch of Chinese casino millionaires scooping up bellwether French estates and paying such premiums for futures that you and me can no longer afford the wines. If this keeps … Continue reading

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Is Wine Bullshit? Or Would That Be Alex ‘Kiss’ Mayyasi’s Skill Sets?

Or Robert T. Gonzalez’s?  Or maybe David Derbyshire’s? In the past three days, by crook, hook or pure untrammeled coinkydink, I have been forwarded links to three separate articles pointing out the already-understood and well-documented limitations of wine competitions, wine … Continue reading

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Coenraad and Brўs: Unpronounceably Delicious

Remember when Miss South Carolina was asked why 20% of U.S. Americans couldn’t find the United States on a world map and she fumbled the football so badly that it wound up on a baseball diamond? I bring it up … Continue reading

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