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Bryan Ulbrich Puts His Best Foot Forward—The Left One

Really sensational music made by really phenomenal musicians allows us to overlook really dopey band names, right?  Which is why we can listen to The White Album without rolling our eyes. Really sensational wine made by really phenomenal winemakers enjoys … Continue reading

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Fitting A Square Bottle Into An A-Hole

Tomorrow night, when we are gluing ourselves to our television sets with the remains of Mr. Ed and watching the 65th Annual Emmy Awards, a quiet revolution will be taking place. That’s when Truett-Hurst Inc. will release their much ballyhooed … Continue reading

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Is Chris Kassel Gooder Than Jamie Goode? For Me To Know And You To Find Out

Saw a plug for The Goode Wine Guide, Jamie Goode’s three part tutorial on wine ‘…from Britain to Bulgaria’, and it occurred to me that the lucky star under which the limey Londonese lecturer wound up with a name like … Continue reading

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Double Down On The Trésor: Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes

Ferrari-Carano has always been a ballin bling-bling operation—the reasons for which were said by Edgar Allen Poe a century before either Ferrari or Carano were born: When madness takes your stash of cash, And dumps it down the Lotto, You … Continue reading

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Adelsheim’s Awesome Auxerrois

  The American Automobile Association is not a major donor to the National Grape & Wine Council, nor does Alcoholics Anonymous put in a big presence at wine tastings, but at a recent one, I sampled current releases from Adelsheim … Continue reading

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No Snubs From Stubbs For This Schlubb, Bubb

Matthew Stubbs, MW, wants me in the worst way, which is the only way he’s likely to get me.  The Brugairolles-based Master of Wine is presiding over a two-day ‘tutored tasting’ on Languedoc-Roussillon, which is not being held in Languedoc-Roussillon, … Continue reading

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‘Lose The Bottle’, Okay. But What About The War?

Today, I am going to stray from the fast-track wine column to which you have become accustomed in order to speak briefly about a subject close to all our hearts, our hoodies, our hypothalamuses and our humeri—the Four-H Club for … Continue reading

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Buggy Over Bugey

If you fancy yourself a genuine wine pro, and are the kind of supercilious genuine wine pro who is too proud to learn new words from a genuine sloppy, slathering wino, I recommend that you skip this part, because I’m … Continue reading

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You Say ‘Riedel’, I Say ‘Ry-del’—Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

Drinking Bordeaux at room temperature is not a social faux pas rising to the level of calling Barack Obama ‘boy’ at a State Dinner or asking Jennifer Lopez’s mom to bring some more clean towels to your hotel suite.  Nor … Continue reading

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