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Introducing The ‘Fcuk, Marry, Kill’ Wine Scale

Call it the ‘Great American Novel’ for wine writers who can scarcely manage to scratch out a legible blog. Or the Holy Grail for atheists; the better mouse trap for entrepreneurs; the honest man for Diogenesians; the solution to the … Continue reading

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Carménère For The Holidays

The sum total of my social media prowess is writing something inflammatory and hitting ‘Tweet’. The convoluted netherworld of hashtags, mobile device aps and tweeps retweeting tweets I leave to my technological betters, meaning anyone who is still in high … Continue reading

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Mike Beck: The Apple Of My High

‘If Eve sold her soul for an apple, it’s hard to imagine what the babe would have given up for a gallon of Uncle John’s ‘Melded’.’ Shake hands with Mike Beck and you wonder why he needs an apple press at … Continue reading

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Send Me Free Wine, But Only Stuff I Like. You’re Welcome.

I consider other wine bloggers to be ‘colleagues’ like I consider Honey Boo Boo’s family to be fellow Homo sapiens. It’s a concession to rude reality, nothing more. Case in point:  A ‘colleague’ in Denver recently sent out a mass-mailing … Continue reading

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Seven Drinking Games For AA Members

We all know that half the fun of getting drunk is playing puerile drinking games to get even drunker, and we also all know that just because you’ve proven yourself to be so ineffective as a responsible grown-up that you … Continue reading

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The Intoxicating Intellect of G. Stanley Howell

Had G. Stanley Howell showed up for our wine chat dressed in full CSA officer regalia, complete with three star collar insignia, cadet grey overcoat and lion’s-head saber, I would have considered it perfectly appropriate.  Not only because the retired … Continue reading

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Amy Iezzoni: National Cherry Queen, Entire 21st Century

Each year in June, the Board of Governors of the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City picks a National Cherry Queen based on intelligence, poise and speaking ability. And each year since the ‘80s, they get it wrong. That’s because … Continue reading

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