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Thank God Almighty, Frei At Last…

Whenever I go looking for success in some sundry endeavor, be it stringing Christmas lights from the maple tree out front, penning the next Hollywood blockbuster or cheating my way through a surprise drug test, I follow a tried ‘n’ … Continue reading

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Guy Wicker Is The Heisenberg Of Hootch

Lissen up, Albuquerque undercover: I found Heisenberg, and he’s not dead.  He’s not Walter White and he’s not even in New Mexico.  He’s in Southfield, Michigan and he’s switched his drug dementias mid-season, from meth to absinthe. And also Chartreuse, … Continue reading

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Time To Put The ‘Chris’ Back In Christmas: Buy ‘A Rite Of Paso’ Now…

…And support the cause.  Over the years (deny it if you can, ardent acolytes) I have offered you over a million random, sometimes made-up and often very long, confusing words without seeking so much as a nickel’s worth of remuneration, … Continue reading

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No Honor Among Wine Thieves

Last week, I covered The HoseMaster of Wine’s tearful farewell speech given during an NBC Prehab interview, and it turns out that—silly me—I misheard the dirge and exaggerated his impending retirement. By ‘exaggerated’, of course, I mean ‘totally lied about … Continue reading

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Why We Should Score Literature Like We Score Wine

Last week, having engaged in lively and utterly useless banter with wine writers Joe Roberts and Frederic Koeppel regarding the efficacy of scoring wine, I found myself having sort of epiphany that Brian Wilson must have had when he kicked … Continue reading

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