Time To Put The ‘Chris’ Back In Christmas: Buy ‘A Rite Of Paso’ Now…

…And support the cause.  Over the years (deny it if you can, ardent acolytes) I have offered you over a million random, sometimes made-up and often very long, confusing words without seeking so much as a nickel’s worth of remuneration, even from those of you I didn’t openly insult, and now, to paraphrase the words of the immortal—if dead—JFK, the time has come for you to step forward:

‘Ask not what Chris Kassel can do for me.  Rather, ask what I  can do for Chris Kassel.’

chriskassel1@aol.com for orders of ten or more; I’ll give you a 20% discount on the list price of $12.95 (plus shipping and handling by one of my marriageable teenage daughters).

Do it now and avoid lawsuits.






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