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Thumbing Their Noses At Lake Michigan Palates

A random glance at most websites listing Michigan wineries reveals glaring omission: The east side of the state is pretty much not on the map. And I am not suggesting that this does not make sense, at least traditionally, and … Continue reading

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Drinking While Pregnant? No ProbleζςτǿЦ∑

Dear ol’ mom was known to knock back a few; that is not in dispute.  However, since I was born during the Mad Men heyday, just how much she upped and quaffed while up the duff is a question of … Continue reading

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Cork Dork Laments, ‘Why Didn’t I Think Of It First?’

Because you are a dolt and a doofus as well as a dork.  Hey, so kill the messenger already.  Rest easy: None of us thought of it either. Consider these vignettes, transfused with varying volumes of veracity: The sail was … Continue reading

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Cure For The Summertime Blues? Whites!

I reserve a sort of parallel pity for people professing, ‘ I only drink red wine,’ as I do for those picky pisshaps who propound, ‘I only date Nordic meconologists with silicone hooters and poodles named ‘Pummy Paw-Paws.’ Yoda reminds … Continue reading

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Chew Chew Charlie Was A Racketeer? Say It Isn’t So, Feds!

Of the many strange pearls of advice my father offered me, this one stuck:  ‘Never trust anyone whose name can be translated as ‘Vietcong Pig’s Feet’. I once—once—had dinner at Chuck E. Fromage—Charlie Trotter’s eponymous, over-priced, upscale pizzeria on W. … Continue reading

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French To Take Some Canned Heat at Vinexpo 2013

I’m going, I’m going, Where the water tastes like wine; We can jump in the water, Stay drunk all the time. – ‘Going Up The Country’; Canned Heat, 1968 Next week at Vinexpo in Bordeaux, Winestar will introduce a line … Continue reading

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No Honor-Roll Among Thieves: Balmy & Clod Rob Château d’Yquem

Granted, when Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker began their cigar-chompin’ shitstorm in 1932, the dessert wine industry had not really taken hold in the Midwest.  So, they are to be forgiven for targeting banks and gas stations rather than hundred-point châteaux … Continue reading

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When Is A Snow Cone A ‘No’ Cone? Ask Francis Ford Coppola

As a phenomenal film forger, a wicked wine whiz and a fellow Detroiter (by birth, anyway), it is hard for me not to harbor a soft spot for Francis Ford Coppola.  A forgiving and patient soft spot, too—one that is … Continue reading

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He Who Laughs Last Laughs Longest… At The Longest Word

I expect to take grief for what I am about to say, but taking grief is table stakes for this column.  Besides, deep inside the dustiest nook of our most politically correct consciences, we all know it is true: Once … Continue reading

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Bridlewood Revisited

What’s the difference between a fifteen dollar chardonnay and a twenty dollar chardonnay? Five bucks. Thomas Riley Marshall (D), Indiana governor, 1908 -1913 and 28th Vice President of the United States under Woodrow Wilson, is not remembered for his controversial … Continue reading

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