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Drinking And Driving And Why We Can’t Swig Directly From The Marathon Spigot

Drunk driving is no laughing matter, as well the good folks at Archer Daniels Midland know.  As a world leader in renewable fuels, the Decatur, Illinois corporation is committed to (I quote) ‘increasing awareness among all colleagues of the importance … Continue reading

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But, Will It Wash In Washington?

Damn straight it will. Personally, I’ve been a cheerleader for the wines of Washington ever since I was old enough to wear a five-stripe pleated skirt.  Prolific parameters of production aside, the Washington wine industry is still in its relative … Continue reading

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Michael Green Decants His Dog; Pass It On

What’s the difference between wine writer Michael Green and moi? I mean, other than his five-star education, superior working knowledge, pixie-like profile and ability to see dead people? This: Michael Green proudly pronounces that he decants everything, while I assure … Continue reading

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I See Motown, I See France; I Just Bought ‘The Wedding Dance’

Although Detroit was founded as a New France fur trading post, the French themselves left us little by way of culture, and for that, we should probably be grateful.  But they did leave us a bunch of street names.  ‘Detroit’, … Continue reading

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Mazel Tov, Asimov: Your Label Scheme Doth Make Me Scoff

‘If it says ‘enzyme, enzyme, enzyme’ on the label, label, label, You should dump it  down the crapper while you’re able, able, able…’ – ‘70’s wine commercial from The Health and Red Tape Network, pre-cable, cable, cable Eric Asimov is … Continue reading

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