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Springtime Cocktails à Go-Go!

When someone from an upscale firm in uptown Manhattan queries you regarding ‘re-creating’ some springtime drink recipes, you know they are not only going to be scenester ‘it’ drinks, but boisterously, excruciatingly, insuppressibly so. So, if you agree (as I … Continue reading

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Mona Elisa’s Smile

Why are infectious smiles called infectious smiles?  I get the semantics; if you are in the presence of someone with a perpetual, ear-to-ear grin you find yourself emulating it with some sort of Zelig-quality compulsion.  But infectious sounds so STD-ish; … Continue reading

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Orange Is The New Misogyny?

What’s that they say about arguing on the internet?  Even if you win, you’re still a misogynist pig with woman-hating issues stemming from childhood? Something like that.  In any case, I was labeled such (and worse) by a somewhat rabid … Continue reading

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Richard Mayson, Quinta do Centro And A Bunch Of Unrelated Stuff

How does the road from Coronation Street to Alentejano, Portugal get lost on Selden and 2nd in Detroit? Listen my children and you shall hear Of a noontime ride in the wine frontier. I’m a huge fan of Alentejano, both … Continue reading

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Steadfast Sancerre Stands Strong Amid War Of The Words

I believe I have finally begun to grow up.  I am about to discuss an article written by a colleague named Beppi Crosariol, in which I intend to spend zero minutes making jokes about his preposterous name, but rather, will focus … Continue reading

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