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Cider: Easy To Be Hard

Some of the ideals upon which this country was founded—around the time we stole it from the Indians—are worth leaving on history’s toxic waste dump.  Slavery, the inequality of women, child labor, taxation (even with representation) were bad career moves, … Continue reading

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Grin And Beerenauslese: Father Knows Best

I’m no Robert Young, but when my children come over on Fathers Day, we tend to drink like him.  Yes, that irrepressible insurance monger Jim Anderson—who Young sought to portray as the sort of non-boob, non-dimwitted patriarch he thought would be … Continue reading

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A Summertime Favorite: Korn On The Job

* Final day for voting in Wine Blog Awards 2014, for which this column is nominated in ‘Best Writing On A Wine Blog’. if you intend to vote for me.   Otherwise, move along, nothing to see here…   Every … Continue reading

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