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Schloss Leader: A Business Strategy?

Having worked in Wolfsburg for a number of years, I can tell you that whereas I respect the technological traditions and cultural chutzpah of Germany—which, incidentally, was cool enough to name a major city after me—there is still a certain … Continue reading

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He Who Laughs Last Laughs Longest… At The Longest Word

I expect to take grief for what I am about to say, but taking grief is table stakes for this column.  Besides, deep inside the dustiest nook of our most politically correct consciences, we all know it is true: Once … Continue reading

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A Bit Of Gloss For The Schloss Sauce: 800 Vintages And Going Strong!

Is Schloss Vollrads the world’s oldest winery?  Arguably so.  Sure, they’ve found the leavings of winemaking operations in Armenian caves dating back sixty centuries; there are Mesopotamian developments even older.  Egyptian texts attest that wine was popular among the New … Continue reading

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Novemberfest, 2011: A Random Trio

What’s that?  It’s Oktoberfest?  I thought Oktoberfest was in September.  And I thought October was spelled with a gentle Anglo-Saxon ‘c’ instead of a massive, intimidating Teutonic ‘k’. What’s up with that, anyway?  Cologne with a ‘K’, Caesar with a … Continue reading

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R. Müller Riesling: Bunny Wine is Never Funny Wine

Germans are sticklers for detail.  But you knew that, of course, and possibly did that cute little nose-scrunch thing of yours when looking over the formalities of a German wine label. If you are more familiar with the French AOC … Continue reading

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