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Cure For The Summertime Blues? Whites!

I reserve a sort of parallel pity for people professing, ‘ I only drink red wine,’ as I do for those picky pisshaps who propound, ‘I only date Nordic meconologists with silicone hooters and poodles named ‘Pummy Paw-Paws.’ Yoda reminds … Continue reading

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Sammy And Jack, Sammy and Jack; I’m Gonna Get Me Some Sammy And Jack

The  best part of covering celebrity wines is that you don’t actually have to taste them to finagle columns from them thousands of words long. And do you know why?  Because, my droogies, there’s no need to taste a celebrity … Continue reading

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Premium Sake: Occident Waiting To Happen

Shigeru Yamada stands behind his array of designer sakes with a demure, otherworldly expression that seems to conceal, in a glance, all the profound mysteries of the Orient. Then, the inimical owner of Novi’s Cherry Blossom Restaurant smiles and opens … Continue reading

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