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Date Cristal; Marry Cava

During our formative years—that callow and malleable era when we still thought Keith Richards was a good guitar player and PETA was a righteous organization and God was actually seated in His heaven—we came to the conclusion that there were … Continue reading

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A Quartet of Cool Cavas To Combat Climactic Calefaction

Finally!  A story involving Formosa that is totally unrelated to a bunch of Chinese casino millionaires scooping up bellwether French estates and paying such premiums for futures that you and me can no longer afford the wines. If this keeps … Continue reading

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‘CR20’ And Ruscalleda’s Rocking Restaurante

Every decade or so, a new culinary caprice climbs aboard the buzzword B&O, and—city by city—restaurants open up to cash in on pay homage to the ‘trend’. Here in Detroit over the past thirty years or so, there was ‘nouvelle … Continue reading

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Iberian Intoxicants for New Year’s Day (And Beyond)

What’s the with-it Spaniard imbibing on this frosty January Sunday?  Something from Torres, no doubt. Founded in 1870 by Jaime Torres, the family now controls the largest winery in Spain along with the most extensive vineyards in  Penedès and can … Continue reading

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Sangre de Toro Rosé: Bull’s Blood Blush

Today, I’m recommending that you drink a glass of bull’s blood, and when the men in white coats show up to haul me off, remind me to ask them to explain ‘head cheese’ before we go. Bodega Torres, the Penedés … Continue reading

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When it comes to enjoying life’s amenities—dancing to romancing, canoodling to cuisining, beach lounging to buzz-copping—the people of the South Pacific have a whole different frame of reference. For Polynesians, kicking back and pounding a few may not refer to … Continue reading

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