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The Itsy Bitsy Snyder: Let’s Wash the Snyder Out

When it comes to wine, people from Michigan talk dry and drink sweet and when it comes to politics, we talk blue and vote red. Recently, Michigan wine and politics entered the demolition derby again, this time to undermine Granholm … Continue reading

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Participation Trophies at the 2015 Michigan Wine Competition

Over the past couple years, Michigan wine country has been whumped in the nads by Mother Nature, and it’s fair to say that deadbeat Father Nature has missed a few support payments too. The winter of ’13-’14 was desperately long, … Continue reading

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Michigan Wine, 2012: State Of The Stating-The-Obvious Address

(April is Michigan Wine Month, as certified by Governor Rhymes-With-Spider, who’s been at the business end of more recall referendums than my Ford 150). Ever since Al Gore starting criss-crossing the country in his gas-gulping Jetstream 400 to lecture about … Continue reading

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Michigan vs. Ohio: No Contest, Or ‘Michigan By A Nose’?

‘Thou shalt not cover thy neighbor’s wine’ is a Commandment that is often transcribed incorrectly using ‘covet’ and ‘wife’, but it doesn’t matter, because Commandment-breaking is the journalistic cornerstone upon which this column has established preeminence in the American Academia … Continue reading

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I’ve Done the Mead Deed. Yes, Indeed.

What do honey mead and Margaret Mead have in common? They’re both interesting, but nothing you’d let near your lips. Or so I thought until I honeyed up to a home-mead batch that I did after getting sick of passing … Continue reading

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Michigan Wine: The Stats Are Stellar, Suckers

Controversy has surrounded wine competitions for years, and as the landscape changes, things aren’t getting any better. For example, in 2006, Wither Hills winemaker Brent Marris was accused of creating special blends for competitions while his lesser wine ended up … Continue reading

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Michigan Meritage Merits Mention

The term ‘meritage’? Not. First, if you’re going to invent a word, why make it one you have to teach everyone how to pronounce?  Second, if you’re going to combine two words to make a third, why use two words … Continue reading

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