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The House of Wine Awards, 2011: Amy

When your ten-year-old asks you what ‘irony’ means, here’s what you tell her: “Amy Winehouse will go down in history for giving detox a bad name…” The July death of the twenty-something drugstress—who may have been on the rock-ravaged road … Continue reading

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Napa Cellars Wines: Generically Delicious!

I know, bubeleh; I know.  After earning your MBA from the Carnegie Mellon School of Business and your Ph.D from MIT, after a brief teaching stint at Stanford Graduate School (for which you wrote three textbooks on macroeconomics) and your subsequent … Continue reading

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Amazing Wine Facts With Which To Bore Your Friends, Annoy Your Neighbors and Pick Up Hot Babes

They laughed when I sat down at the piano, but when I started to play with myself, they asked me—in no uncertain terms—to get the hell out of their villa. Well, those callous, holier-than-thou sophisticates actually did me a favor.  … Continue reading

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A Custom-Painted Wine Glass By Becky Suriano Will Make You The ‘It’ Taster At Wine Shows, Absolutely Guaranteed

Artist Becky Suriano of Wine Me? refers to her hand-painted wine glasses as ‘highly collectible’. A very unique perspective, I thought—isn’t ‘collectible’ (like ‘unique’) a word without qualifiers?  I mean, something is either collectible or it isn’t.  You can’t be … Continue reading

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Celebrities Who Own Wineries: The Ego Has Landed

Disclaimer:  What follows are the bitter ramblings of a winery-owner, Hollywood hambone, Heisman-Trophy-winner, rock-star wannabe.  They are to be taken with a grain of salt—whatever that means. And not only ‘taken with a grain of salt’—a lot of these cherished … Continue reading

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