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‘The Jinx Fragment’—Unnatural Detroit, Naturally

I’ve intentionally kept Intoxicology Report ad-free for five years because I don’t want my opinions or your support to be in any way beholden.  My books, however, I sorta do want to sell (!) In my halcyon days, when I … Continue reading

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This Beck Is No Loser, Baby—So Why Don’t You Refill Me?

Nothing quite says Christmas like blooming crocuses, picnics on grassy swards with lambs gaily cavorting about and the air filled with soft downy fluff from newly hatched ducklings.  Am I right, or am I right? I mean, if you’re from South … Continue reading

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I Found Detroit: It’s Been Hiding Inside Miller’s Bar ALL THIS TIME!

Okay, so it wasn’t me that found Detroit, it was a bunch of loopy French people who took a break from picking mushrooms.  And it wasn’t Detroit I found, it was an otherwise blankish suburb that took the national stage … Continue reading

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