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Re: Re:Find: A Re:Markable Find

(This piece, as well as the last two columns posted, are excerpts from ‘A Rite Of Paso: Paso Robles Wine Country’ to be released December 1, 2013 by Intoxicology Press, LLC.) If Alex Trebek posed the answer, ‘The smartest guy in … Continue reading

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Marketing To Minors: P. Diddy’s Hand Cîrocs My Cradle

First—with the exception of a couple of my kids who may tune in to see if their names get mentioned—we’re all adults here, so let’s suffer no fools and yank no chains:  We all know how the merry mass-mockery of … Continue reading

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Satan’s Vodka: Was Reagan Right About ‘The Evil Empire’?

Real men don’t drink vodka. How do I know this?  Primarily from the score.  Cold War = We won.  Communism vs. Capitalism = We won.  Space Race = We won.  Any James Bond novel = We won. I know, James … Continue reading

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The ‘I’ Generation: Everybody’s Favorite Letter

This is a rather odd piece, granted.  It involves an attempt by Siberian winemakers to produce Super Tuscans in a climate where it snows in July and the average temperature is minus forty. Not really.  It’s really about Moscow’s recent … Continue reading

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Movers Need Shakers: In Search of the Perfect Martini

You’re all grown up now, so it’s okay to admit it: There were a few things your parents got right.  For one, the universe is not at atom in the brain of God or anything else you thought of when … Continue reading

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Flavored Vodka: Commie Cocktails Come of Age

Flavored vodkas are the beverage industry’s trendiest tsunami, right?  The hottest thing to hit the bar scene in years?  The creation of market-savvy distillers looking for a specific niche—a tipple that ‘defines’ what it means to be young, hip and … Continue reading

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