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Monticello: Uncle Tom’s Mansion

When you do the math, slavery was legal in Virginia for longer than it has been illegal.  The ‘peculiar institution’ was such a defining force in the history of the state that even today, scar tissue is everywhere. The exploitation … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia; There Is A Wine Industry

I’m shocked at people who are shocked to learn that states beyond California, Washington and New York produce excellent wines, and I am shocked at myself for not knowing that Virginia was one of them. Because, in the aggregate, wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Who Chooses The Wines For Official White House State Dinners?

State Dinners are affairs of such overwhelming pageantry that I, for one, can easily overlook the fact that although you and I pay for them, you and I are never invited to them. This latter truism is borne out by … Continue reading

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