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A Thorny Rose By Any Other Name…

There are many reasons why we underrated, underpaid, under-appreciated and under-the-bus thrown wine writers choose a particular wine to cover. It may be unrequited lust for the winemaker, like mine for Ontario’s Sue-Ann Staff. It may be a passive-aggressive need … Continue reading

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Kamiak Wines Play Hail to the Chief

You know how there are these online translators like Babel Fish where you can paste some alien gobbledygook into a text box and it gets instantly converted into English? I’m thinking of launching a translator where you can convert ‘press … Continue reading

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Columbia Valley: Washington’s Wine Wehrmacht

That’s Columbia with a ‘u’—not to be confused with Colombia with an ‘o’, though both have, over the past half-century, taken a recreational drug and elevated it from an obscure local habit to a conspicuous worldwide habit, founding, in the … Continue reading

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Gordon Brothers Family Winery: No Snake Oil Here

I don’t use the word ‘repulsive’ lightly, but there’s a drink called  a Montana Mule that’s made with draft beer and tomato juice and it tastes like you swigged a V8 that had been accidentally left open on a screened … Continue reading

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