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Michigan Wine, 2012: State Of The Stating-The-Obvious Address

(April is Michigan Wine Month, as certified by Governor Rhymes-With-Spider, who’s been at the business end of more recall referendums than my Ford 150). Ever since Al Gore starting criss-crossing the country in his gas-gulping Jetstream 400 to lecture about … Continue reading

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Tudor Wine For Easter Brunch? I Think Probably Not.

Lately, there’s been a lot of press about potential employers demanding Facebook passwords from job applicants.  That, of course, is foul, freedom-foiling flimflam suggesting that somebody’s off-hours, filled with personal opinions, photos and occasionally salty lingo, is within the same … Continue reading

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A Long Languid Lope Down The Loire

Part I:  How White is My Valley? The wild Loire is the longest river in France, and its associated winemaking  ward covers a whoppin’ 185,000 acres.  Originating in the deep south—virtually in the Rhône appellation—it scrambles up through Orléans (Jeanne … Continue reading

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Champagne-Loving Brit Twit Charged With Felony Dipshittery

For the most part, I consider myself something of a literary whiz kid—far too quick-witted, imaginative, profound and enlightened to comment on silly, wine-related ‘news stories’ that have little to do with my mission of advancing  enological education among serious … Continue reading

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I Found Detroit: It’s Been Hiding Inside Miller’s Bar ALL THIS TIME!

Okay, so it wasn’t me that found Detroit, it was a bunch of loopy French people who took a break from picking mushrooms.  And it wasn’t Detroit I found, it was an otherwise blankish suburb that took the national stage … Continue reading

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Chianti Chronology: Pouri Some Mori Antinori

As defined by the Dalmasso Commission in 1932, the seven zones of Chianti have enjoyed more ups-and-downs among the fickle American public than Newt Gingrich—although unlike Newt, the Touchstone of Tuscany actually has something of value to offer. First gaining … Continue reading

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