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Black Lotus Brewery Just Keeps On Blooming

Within the well-worn wiles of wordplay, plenty of entities have found fame in combining hardcore words with gentle words—Led Zeppelin, Iron Butterfly, Steel Magnolias, Hitler Youth—so ‘Black Lotus’ is among impressive, if imposing company. No problem for Mark Harper, Michael … Continue reading

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Don’t Gack Into That Morning-After Super Bowl: Bytox Is ‘Hangover B-12 Gone’

For those who awoke this morning with Belichick-quality blues, unable to quite recall last night, here’s the play-by-play: First Quarter: 15:00: Stephen Gostkowski kicks off to the NYG 2. Jerrel Jernigan returns for 21 yards to the NYG 23 and … Continue reading

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Novemberfest, 2011: A Random Trio

What’s that?  It’s Oktoberfest?  I thought Oktoberfest was in September.  And I thought October was spelled with a gentle Anglo-Saxon ‘c’ instead of a massive, intimidating Teutonic ‘k’. What’s up with that, anyway?  Cologne with a ‘K’, Caesar with a … Continue reading

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Heineken: Nineteen Emerging Designers Selected to Create Futuristic Concept Ashram

Amsterdam, 19th October 2011 – Heineken today announced that nineteen emerging designers have been chosen to co-create a pioneering ashram concept as part of Heineken’s Open Design Explorations Edition 1: The Spiritual Hermitage. Esteemed designers working in the fields of … Continue reading

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A Bud By Any Other Name Would Smell Like Sweat

Name changes in California are as common as wildfires, killer bees and foreclosures, and most are done as savvy career moves.  Hence, Archibald Leach became Cary Grant, Issur Danielovitch Demsky became Kirk Douglas, Prince became ‘The Artist Formerly Known As … Continue reading

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Beer Making: So Easy, Even a Ten-Year-Old Can Do It

Call it a disclaimer, a de-limiter, a formal liability butt-coverer, but I really don’t advocate ten-year-olds drinking anything stronger than near-beer.  By which, of course, I mean nothing. Beer making? That’s a different kettle of wort. In our family, the … Continue reading

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