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Top Ten Holiday Wines For Under $10,000

The other day I read an interesting statement made by my colleague Robert Whitley of Whitley on Wine. And, so we’re clear, by ‘colleague’ I mean ‘someone who writes about wine like me, but actually takes it seriously’.  Seriousity is … Continue reading

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‘the wine business’ In Blunderland Has Alice In Danderland

Ever been in a relationship with—or, worse case, been married to—someone who thrives on getting pissed off; to whom bile is lifeblood, huffiness heroin and acrimony the only emotion possible that can offer day-to-day, hour-by-hour equilibrium? I’m talking about someone … Continue reading

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‘CR20’ And Ruscalleda’s Rocking Restaurante

Every decade or so, a new culinary caprice climbs aboard the buzzword B&O, and—city by city—restaurants open up to cash in on pay homage to the ‘trend’. Here in Detroit over the past thirty years or so, there was ‘nouvelle … Continue reading

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This Beck Is No Loser, Baby—So Why Don’t You Refill Me?

Nothing quite says Christmas like blooming crocuses, picnics on grassy swards with lambs gaily cavorting about and the air filled with soft downy fluff from newly hatched ducklings.  Am I right, or am I right? I mean, if you’re from South … Continue reading

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Two For Tea Is Groovy—So Long As One Of ‘Em Ain’t Me

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not trying to make fun of herbal tea drinkers here.  They are a close-knit, close-to-the earth community who see the natural non-caffeinated decoction of plant material as inherently superior to overly-caloric, overly-expensive and overly-hyped Starbucks coffee. … Continue reading

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