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Salads with Wine: Tossing Out Some New Ideas

I think we can all be pretty confident that Adam and Eve served wine in the Garden of Eden.  Otherwise, what kind of Paradise would it have been? Eating ultra-fresh salad in the spring and early summer is often reminiscent … Continue reading

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Here’s a Reason to Toast the Season: LPVA Wine Tour

‘Fess up: The expression ‘holiday tradition’ sort of gives me the willies.  It conjures up images of some calculated and obligatory family nightmare to which you drag yourself reluctantly, year after year after year, until the one year nobody gets … Continue reading

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The ‘I’ Generation: Everybody’s Favorite Letter

This is a rather odd piece, granted.  It involves an attempt by Siberian winemakers to produce Super Tuscans in a climate where it snows in July and the average temperature is minus forty. Not really.  It’s really about Moscow’s recent … Continue reading

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Leading Women of Italian Wine Unite for a Worthy Cause

Don’t you love it when wine people do things other than promote themselves?  And when they do good other things, it’s for some reason other than to garner publicity to promote themselves? An example?  On Wednesday evening, October 19, 2011 … Continue reading

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Hallowine and Spirits: What To Serve the Sots on Spook Night

Trick or trink, smell my dink, give me something good to drink… When  it comes to suggesting Halloween hooch, wine writers can take one of two paths: One is to recommend all the customary cornballs classics like PoiZin (by Armida … Continue reading

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The Importance of the GI

I received a press release yesterday containing what’s probably the single most irrelevant piece of news I will encounter all year: ‘India and Malaysia Recognize Cognac as a Protected Geographical Indication’ The release goes on to point out, almost orgasmically, … Continue reading

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Who Chooses The Wines For Official White House State Dinners?

State Dinners are affairs of such overwhelming pageantry that I, for one, can easily overlook the fact that although you and I pay for them, you and I are never invited to them. This latter truism is borne out by … Continue reading

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