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Left Coast Cellars: Mea Culpa Wine

When somebody says ‘Europe’ I don’t think of Russia.  When they mention the Eastern seaboard, my mind does not conjure up an image of Boca Raton. Me, I’m from the Midwest.  The ‘mid’ part I get, but not the ‘west’: … Continue reading

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Mohua: Mo’ Value from Central Otago

  “Try some Mohua…” ‘Fess up: I’ve worked Detroit restaurants where the response would be, “Try some mo’ whatta?” At that point, one of two things would be in order.  Either a tutorial on Central Otago, where the Mohua (pronounced … Continue reading

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Michigan Pinot Noir: Progress of a Work in Progress

They’ve discovered dinosaur bones in the Arctic, so maybe producing decent red wine in Snowball Michigan isn’t so far fetched after all—maybe it’s merely acknowledgement of evolutionary precedent. Okay, that’s an exaggeration.  Certain brave and ballsy Michigan vintners have been … Continue reading

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