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Cellar No. 8 ‘Eight’: Stuck Here In Lodi By Choice

One of the effects that alcohol has on the human brain, specifically on the nucleus accumbens, is that it makes you go all silly sappy and irrationally nostalgic.  So when a winery recalls it’s founder and his guiding principles in … Continue reading

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Rodney Strong Like Bull, And That’s No Bull

There’s strength in numbers, and if they happen to have dollar signs in front of them, Rodney Strong Vineyards is pulling down some weightlifting gold.  Growing at a pace of 14% a year (compared to 2% for the category according to … Continue reading

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Forchini Vineyards: Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

  Fifty out of fifty States now produce wine, including Alaska, where moose blubber is used as a fining agent and the must is strainied through Sarah Palin’s brassiere. Today, every continent has a winemaking tradition except Antarctica, but the geophysicists … Continue reading

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Ravenswood: Better Living Through Joel Peterson’s Chemistry—Particularly C2H5OH

First off, I love how Ravenswood rolls off the tongue; it conjures up Gothic images—remote, crumbling castles on windswept moors filled with persecuted virgins and hereditary curses. The Ravenswood label, a cryptic crest displaying a trio of stylized ravens with … Continue reading

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MacMurray Ranch: ‘Sons’ goes Sonoma

To my generation, the name ‘Fred MacMurray’ will never quite free-associate with Barbara Stanwyck or any indemnity, double or otherwise.  He’ll never be Lieutenant Keefer with a glass of wine tossed in his face after the Caine gobs mutinied. He … Continue reading

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