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Brown (Nosing)-Forman: Diversified God-Like Purveyor of Quality Consumer Products

You may already know this, but wine writing is a man’s life—right up there with firefighting, bank heisting and gay pornography acting.  No offense to my twin-X chromosomal breast-blooming, goatee-challenged life partners, but I really doubt that Alice Feiring and Jancis Robinson … Continue reading

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What The Heck Does Champagne Have To Do With Golf, Anyway?

Plenty, dahling.  Crank the Wayback Machine to 1962 when Tony Lema promised reporters at the Orange County Open that he’d force-feed them Champagne if he won—then beat Jack Nicklaus by five strokes and did, becoming known as ‘Champagne’ Tony Lema … Continue reading

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‘The Gruet Who Blew It’ By Dr. Seuss

In the far-away city of Brethon in France, A fellow named Gilbert began a romance, With chard and noir and some pinot meunier, Creating (in French, please) the U.V.C.B.     Grapes were Gil’s love and with grapes Gil would … Continue reading

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The History Of Foiehibition,Twenty-Eighth Amendment To The Constitution; Ratified July 1, 2013

MIDTERM ESSAY: Poli Sci 191 C: June 4, 2026 ‘Introduction to The Psychology of Politically Correct Political Correctness’; by Christian Kassel Background to Foiehibition: Force-feeding waterfowl so that rich, fat people can eat their livers has been a contentuous topic in … Continue reading

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The O’Keefes: Putting The Grand Into Traverse Bay

As ‘heavyweight’ is not a term to be used lightly, ‘grand’ must be accompanied by a certain level of grandeur, as in Grandfather Time, grandioso or Chateau Grand Traverse. Meanwhile, Old Mission’s heavyweight title belt remains firmly around the midsection … Continue reading

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