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‘Acquiesce’ Means ‘Accept Without Protest’

Hi-falutin’ British wine journalists know something about wine; I think we can all acquiesce to that observation.  Likewise, we accept without protest the statement that Lodi has built a reputation on  juicy, boldly flavored Zinfandel and soft, rich Cabernet Sauvignon—in … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Tell if Your Cardiologist Passed Anatomy Class

That’s a silly headline, isn’t it?  Obviously your cardiologist passed anatomy class.  Cardio surgeons are anatomy people; they walk, talk and breathe anatomy; they bring up ligamentum arteriosums at dinner parties and have sexual dreams involving Scarlett Johansson’s left ventricle. … Continue reading

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Estate Crush: Negating Negative Space

How did a twenty minute interview with Bob Colarossi at Estate Crush in Lodi turn into an hour-long conversation with Vince de la Cruz, a Florida-based rock bassist who lists among his songwriting credits ‘Walking on Sunshine’? It’s all part … Continue reading

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Paul Scotto and a Gleam in His Old Man’s Eye

Last August, I wrote a piece about tasting a slew of sensational ciders with Paul Scotto in a motel room in Corning, New York, and—wannabe stand-up comic that I am—I prefaced it like this: ‘If the most exciting thing that’s … Continue reading

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