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What’s So Great About France, Vintage 2009?

In the first place, ‘vintage year’ is whatever the opposite of oxymoronic is, since technically, every year is a vintage year. In Oporto, however, certain vintages may be ‘declared’—meaning that, in the spring of the second year following the harvest, … Continue reading

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How To Write About Wine Like Robert Parker Jr.

What’s the dillio with all the RPJ slaggin’, yo? He’s never called women sluts like Rush Limbaugh; he’s never referred to black people as ‘little monkeys’ like Howard Cosell and (as far as I know) he’s never publicly announced a … Continue reading

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The Bluto Blutarsky Guide To Wine Appreciation

On the surface I have nothing against microwaved ramen noodles, downloading music illegally, wearing hoodies with school logos or any of the other inexplicably wacked-out things things that college kids do, but I see no reason why they should have … Continue reading

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Bonga Is Bonkers, But That Doesn’t Degrade Cascade

Bonga is bonkers, for sure. I can say that because I consider myself a pretty serious runner—I do a minimum of five miles a day, at 5 AM, 365 days a year (right, I took yesterday off: God’s gift to … Continue reading

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