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Sup a Cup of Cupcake; Leave the Lemon Chiffon for Grandma

In my best Seinfeld voice:  What’s the deal with all these cupcakes, anyway? Fake Jerry is right.  Prior to the last few months, the only space cupcakes ever occupied in my brain was when I woke up in a panic … Continue reading

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Cold (And Brother, Do I Mean Cold) Heaven Cellars: Defriend in Need is Defriend indeed.

What a revoltin’ development! On Facebook, I’ve been ‘defriended ‘ by a California winemaker after I took exception to some silly-ass generalization she made about wine writers, which in the interest of journalistic trifling I would repeat verbatim except that … Continue reading

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Tudor Wines: Dan Is Now The Bubble Boy

“You can take my identity, my pension, my Black Amex card, my blue suede shoes, but keep those mitts off of my pinot noir.” There’s Some Bull In The China Shops Earlier this year, a scandal was uncovered by Chinese … Continue reading

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