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Michigan Wine Month, 2014: The State Of The Ouch

It’s basically May and there’s still snow in the vineyards.  In fact, there’s still snow in the forecast.  The leaden ice sheet that lingers over Grand Traverse Bay is bizarre; this stretch of water, generally South Pacific turquoise at this … Continue reading

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Tone-Lōc Discovers A New Michigan Afro-Disiac

Alright, dig it: The girls all jockin’ at the other end of the bar, Havin’ drinks with some no-name gwar When they know that I’m the star. So, I got up to find out what made them bitches blotto, I … Continue reading

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When It Comes To Michigan Wine Jobs, Outsourcing Is A Four-Letter-Word

Every year around this time, I rummage through the big ol’ steamer trunk in my spooky, spidery cellar.  Moving aside the mothballs, I dig beneath the silver-buckled, bright green St. Paddy’s Day top hats, the 4th of July Uncle Sam … Continue reading

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Dueling Digits: Michigan AVA Vs. Michigan AVA?

Michigan’s shape has been compared to a mitten so often that our nickname is ‘The Mitten State’.  Colloquial claptrap, my good people.   What kind of mitten has an Upper Peninsula?  And if you think that the Yoopers don’t count, next … Continue reading

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Coenraad and Brўs: Unpronounceably Delicious

Remember when Miss South Carolina was asked why 20% of U.S. Americans couldn’t find the United States on a world map and she fumbled the football so badly that it wound up on a baseball diamond? I bring it up … Continue reading

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Thumbing Their Noses At Lake Michigan Palates

A random glance at most websites listing Michigan wineries reveals glaring omission: The east side of the state is pretty much not on the map. And I am not suggesting that this does not make sense, at least traditionally, and … Continue reading

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I See Motown, I See France; I Just Bought ‘The Wedding Dance’

Although Detroit was founded as a New France fur trading post, the French themselves left us little by way of culture, and for that, we should probably be grateful.  But they did leave us a bunch of street names.  ‘Detroit’, … Continue reading

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Whan That Aprille With His Photo Ops Sweet…

(Apologies, Chaucer). Newsflash, March 21, 2013: LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder has declared April as ‘Michigan Wine Month’ to honor Michigan’s wide selection of quality wines and the wine industry’s significant contribution to the economy… I was sent this press … Continue reading

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Michigan By The Bottle By The Glass

Shannon and Cortney Casey—a couple of local wine kids who are indeed technically young enough to be my kids—have come up with a bad-ass way of promoting Michigan wines. Two ways, actually. The first time I encountered them was via … Continue reading

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Moscatos and Mosquitoes: Summer In The Motor City

Whenever I travel this wide and wonderful land, wherever I go—from purple mountain to fruited plains, beneath spacious skies and through amber grain waves, from sea to shining sea—I tell people I’m from Detroit and the response I get is … Continue reading

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